About us

Lipu Dadi Wood Products Co., ltd. (DADI) is a manufacture mainly produces wooden products for display and hotels. It locates in “Hanger Capital of China” –Lipu,Guilin.

DADI’s first plant was built in 1998, competitive in producing hangers for home use; The second plant was built in 2005,mainly produce for stores and hotels.

Besides the factory mentioned, there are two more companies under DADI’s name: Lipu Dadi New Material Co., Ltd.. and Guilin Dadi Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd

Our mainly products is wooden Hanger, acrylic Hanger, metal Hanger, Plastic Hanger, bamboo Hanger, plywood Hanger.

DADI specialize in more than 20 years, up to now, DADI have 650 works, QC and management team of 70 person, a design team of 35 persons and 30 salesman.

every month we production 7 million Hanger and sell over the word.

Already cooperation with many famous brand clothes store ,like the CK(CALVIN KLEIN), LACOSTE, NIKE, COLUMBIA, BURBERRY, UNIQO, HERMES,ect.

DADI believe our products must be careful produced with our hearts