Customized Hangers—It’s all up to you!

You know what? With us, you can easily decide how the hanger and small furniture looks in your shops and hotels. We are manufacturer for all kinds of hangers and small furniture. And we have a designing team ready to help you make what’s in your mind real products. No matter it’s  wooden hangers, acrylic hangers, metal hangers, plastic hangers, bamboo hangers, satin hangers or laminated hangers, we are here to help. Dadi's hangers are sold all over the world and we are proud many famous brands are in our customer list. For example, CK, BOSS, DIOR, CELINE, LACOSTE, etc. If we can help to complete their shops, we can help you to make your shop/hotels look nice!



  • Worldwide Shipping and Storage

    Our hangers have been exported to the US,Europe, Middle East, Far East, etc. And if you need storage in the US, Europe or Japan, please let us know your need and we can help.

  • Secure Payments

    We support L/C, TT, and transfer through platforms. We are not just a trade company, but a factory. One can not run away with all the heavy machines. Not matter what the situation is, we are here to face and solve.

  • Best Offers

    There is always a lower price in market. But we guarantee the money you spend is worthy and our service is recommendable.

  • Excellent service

    ODM&OEM Services

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DADI was founded in 1998, so we have been in the market for over 20 years specialized in producing wooden hangers, crafts, shelves, and other wooden furniture. we also offer a wide variety of products in different materials. All of our products are customized and designed. At present, we have 3 plants all together, producing wooden, metal, acrylic products and we sale paint and accessories to other local factories. Our capacity allows us to fill large orders in a short amount of time.





Q: What are the dimensions of these hangers, in particular the height (including and excluding the hook)?

A:wooden hanger common size:length 44.5* thickness 1.2* height 16* head height 4.5cm. But all the hangers can be customized.

Q: Are these hangers bent/bevelled/contoured at the neck so clothes hang  in a more natural way?

A: Most of the hangers for shops are slightly bent at the neck. But again, it’s up to you.

Q: Are these suitable for coats and blazers ?

A: Yes they are. I have used them for jackets, dresses, trousers and coats. People also prefers to put them trousers on hangers with ridges.

Q: Is the wood sustainable?

A: We have FSC® (License Code: FSC-C135484) certificate and can provide you products made from sustainable wood source. For the plastic, we can use recycled material to help protect environment. We can also provide hangers made from degradable material. Thank you for caring about environment.

Q:Are you a factory?

A:Yes, we are. And we have been producing hangers since 1998. Now our products include wood hangers, plastic hangers, velvet hangers, satin hangers, metal hangers, acrylic hangers, bamboo hangers, plywood hangers etc.

Q:Do you offer free samples?

A:If it is a common style, we can provide free samples, freight to collect. If the hanger is customized. The sample price is about 50USD (excluding freight). But if the order quantity is more than 2000, the sample fee will be refunded to you.

Q: If the product is damaged in transit,How to deal with it?

A:You can show us the damaged product through photos or videos. If the trade term we agreed shows we are responsible for risk during transportation, we will send the qualified products to you for free.

Q:When will it be delivered?

A:From 3-45 days, it really depends on the quantity and material of your order.