The Secret of A Hanger

The Secret of A Hanger

There is an old saying that "clothes that have been hung for a long time without wearing will lose their look, and clothes that have been worn for a long time without hanging will lose their look either." All experienced tailors will agree with it.
We always say that good clothes need good maintenance, but many people ignore the importance of hangers in maintaining clothes.

High-quality suits are mostly made of natural fibers such as wool, silk, cashmere, etc. After this suit is worn, it will deform due to tension from wearing. Therefore, after wearing it for a period of time, it needs to be hung with a stereotyped hanger with an extremely matching shape to restore the fabric to its original shape.

Why can't suits be hung on ordinary hangers?

Because they are too straight and too flat. If you hang it for a long time, the suit will be deformed.

Therefore, when we choose a suit hanger, it is best to choose a wide-shouldered hanger,especially with curved shoulders, so that it will have a three-dimensional shape perfectly fitting the suit’s shape.

This kind of hanger can make the shoulder shape of the suit more stable and restore its original shape after hanging for a period of time.

In short, everyone remembers one important point. A good hanger can keep the shoulder angle of the suit forward and the back collar maintain the correct curvature. Seen from the back, it looks like a real person wearing it, which is very magical.

he head is curved and the shoulders are wide. The overall shape is a "hugging" curve.

A good clothes hanger really hides many details.

In addition to suits, coats should also be stored properly. I hope this content will be helpful to everyone.

Remember, to take good care of your clothes, hangers cannot be ignored.