Solid wood hanger丨Do you really understand "it"?

Solid wood hanger丨Do you really understand "it"?

When a natural color hanger is finished, as a customer, do you often give feedback to the factory on these questions:

Why is this color different from the sample? Why is there a color difference?"

"This texture is different from the one I received in the picture"

"Can you replace me with a unified one?"

"Have you changed the wood, can you use better wood?"

"Why do some hangers have so many knots"

From the inconsistent surface of the hanger to the question of the nature of the hanger, in general, these are the natural properties of wood, and you can understand that each wood product is a unique limited edition.

If you can spend a little more time to understand the types of wood, maybe you will have a different opinion.

What is wood grain

Wood grain is the pattern that appears on the surface of wood due to irregular color, growth rings, pith lines, scars, etc. In addition to the different grains formed by the growth of the tree itself, the way the wood is cut also affects the appearance of the wood grain.

Wood type

Beech wood

Beech grows in the south of China, and it is called South Elm. Beech wood is heavy, strong, reddish wood, impact-resistant, easy to bend when steamed. It can be made into various shapes, and has good nail performance. It is heavier than most ordinary hardwoods, and is in the upper middle level in all wood hardness ranking. It is widely used in the hanger industry. The wood texture is uniform and the color is soft.

Lotus wood

Lotus wood is yellowish white, the material is hard, light gray, and the texture is straight. The wood is durable, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. And the cut surface is smooth, and the paint and adhesive properties are good. It is a typical green product, which has no pollution source itself, and some wood emits fragrance. Its price is more popular.

Ash wood

Ash wood is hard wood and has beautiful texture. It also has very good overall strength performance, good shock resistance and steam bending strength, but it is not easy to dry, and it is easy to warping in an environment with high humidity.


Cedar is a general name for the plants of the genus Cedar in the family Pinaceae. Cedar is native to the Himalayas, and is distributed in southern Tibet, India, and Afghanistan. Because cedar has a natural fragrance, cedar hangers are usually not painted so as not to affect its fragrance. The color is natural, the texture is clear and beautiful, and it touches very soft and smooth. Cedar hangers are very expensive.


Rosewood mainly from North America and Europe. The domestic rosewood is lighter in color. The black walnut is light dark brown with purple, and the string section is a beautiful large parabolic pattern (mountain-shaped pattern). Black walnut is very expensive, and veneer is usually used for furniture. Its solid wood is rarely used. In real life, rosewood coat racks are very popular, because wooden coat racks are relatively heavier than metal ones, which will play a role in balancing support.