Summer Time

Summer Time

In summer, when the sun is shining and the scenery is beautiful,
it is the best time to travel.
Life is not only about work. There is poetry and beautiful scenery too.
Let’s travel together.

There is no trouble that a barbecue can't solve.

If so, let’s barbecue again!

In a blink of an eye, two-thirds of 2023 has passed. During the hard working days, the employees of Guilin Dadi Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. rushed to a summer trip. We chose a farmhouse by a river with a beautiful natural environment for the activity.

In the morning, everyone came to the activity site early and began to prepare for the barbecue. When everything is ready, the barbecue begins!

Everyone is busy with the barbecue.

After a while, the fragrance can smell everywhere.

Mouth-watering, just want to eat it.

Happy time always flies.

The barbecue comes to an end.

But we can still keep the good memory in mind of being together with fun and smiles.

We could work even close to each other to face any challenges ahead.