Solid wood hanger丨An "antique" with a history of more than 3,000 years

Solid wood hanger丨An "antique" with a history of more than 3,000 years

There is such a small object,

Produced in Lipu, Guangxi. It occupies 70% of Chinese people's wardrobe. And the export rate reaches 90%.

it is the hanger

The hanger is a common small object in life, but it is an "old antique" with a history of more than 3,000 years in our country.

It is said that the clothes hanger was invented by a worker named Albert Parkhouse. At that time, he was a blacksmith making lampshades for a small handicraft company in Michigan, USA. One day he was annoyed to find that all the coat hooks in the cloakroom of the factory had been taken up. He angrily took out a piece of lead wire and bent it into a coat, shaping the shoulders and adding a hook to it.

This invention was taken as his own by his boss and patented, which is the origin of the hanger.

The hanger is a kind of furniture that appeared earlier in our country.

In the Zhou Dynasty,the ritual system was implemented, and the nobles paid great attention to clothing.To meet this need,hangers specially used for hanging clothes appeared.

In ancient China,clothes hangers originated from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn Period. There were two types of hangers or racks, the vertical column type and the horizontal frame type.

In the Song Dynasty, the use of hangers was more common than that of the previous generations. The hanger in the dressing picture of the murals of the Song Dynasty Tomb in Yuxian County, Henan Province, it was supported by two uprights and a horizontal bar. Two horizontal wooden piers were used in the lower part to stabilize the column, and another horizontal beam was added between the two columns at the lower part of the upper horizontal bar for reinforcement.

The overall shape of hangers in the Ming Dynasty still maintained the traditional model, but the materials, production and decoration were particularly refined. The lower end of the clothes hanger was made of two pier wood, with embossed patterns on both sides inside and outside, upright columns were planted on the pier, and two carved curly flowers stand on the front and back.

Clothes hangers in the Qing Dynasty, also commonly known as court costume racks, were mainly used to hang men's official clothes. Therefore, the main beams of all the hangers are like two double dragons with their heads up, lying there arrogantly, symbolizing the prosperity of the official career, and the rest are like Good Luck, Fortune, Longevity and various decorative flower decorations further emphasize their values.


In modern times, for convenience and practicality, the shape of hangers has been changed a lot. Most of them are in the form of hooks or branches. Clothes are mostly hung on the hangers by the collar, and the appearance has also changed from complex to simple, simple and elegant.

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