Is there only one material for plastic hangers?

Is there only one material for plastic hangers?

A hanger,
The one who understands our clothes best is the hanger.
We have many kinds of hangers for daily life and clothing industry,
For example, plastic hanger, metal hanger, wooden hanger, bamboo hanger and hangers made of some new composite materials.


Let’s learn something about plastic hangers.

When it comes to plastic hangers, everyone must think that plastic hangers are only made of plastic, and possibly they don’t know much more about it. In fact, "plastic" is just a general term. It can be subdivided into the following types of materials.

1、PP plastic:

PP plastic, also called polypropylene plastic, has the characteristics of bottom transparency, bottom gloss and bottom rigidity. It’s often used to make white translucent hangers. The price is relatively cheap. But it is easy to shrink during production, and it is not as widely used as PS plastic.

2、PS plastic:

PS plastic, also called polystyrene plastic, is a kind of plastic with high transparency. Transparent hangers are generally made of PS.

3、ABS plastic:

ABS plastic, also known as acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer, is a widely-used engineering plastic with impact resistance and high temperature resistance, and its price is relatively high.

Then, in addition to the understanding of materials, we often hear the word mold opening. Another difference between plastic hangers and hangers made of other materials is that they need mold. After opening the mold according to the needs, we can make any style and mold opening costs are generally high, but the unit price of plastic hangers is relatively affordable.

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