How to choose a home hanger?

How to choose a home hanger?

All of the following hanger styles are recommended~

 Flocking Hanger

Pros: affordable, space-saving, good for hanging casual clothes.

Cons: Tends to stick to hair, not friendly to suits, leather coats, and other clothes with collars that need to support the shape.


 wrap-around hanger

Pros: the shoulder is not easy to bulge, will not scratch the clothes, the silk light category, sweaters and other clothing to play a protective role, beautiful appearance.

Cons: Shape reasons, hanging suits, trench coats, tweed jackets and other large clothing can not support the shape, space occupation.


wooden hanger

Pros:Lightweight and space-saving, can hang a variety of clothes, suitable for hanging casual jackets, down jackets, sweatshirts, shirts, women's coats and so on.

Cons:Hanging high-fashion suits is thin and does not support the shape perfectly.


Solid wood coat hanger

Pros:Good fit, mimics Human shoulder design, all-around three-dimensional support at neckline, back and shoulder.

Cons:Expensive and takes up space.

That's why choosing hangers is like choosing clothes, what fits is best.

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