Don't fold your clothes if you can hang them

Don't fold your clothes if you can hang them

As they say , "Don't fold your clothes if you can hang them", not only is it easier to find them, they don't get wrinkled easily, and it saves more space than folding them.

But to hang clothes, learn to choose hangers. Home hangers differ from clothing stores in that home hangers are more inclined to enhance storage space.

Today we recommend a flocked hanger


The advantages of this hanger are space-saving, hang clothes non-slip is not easy to fall; thickness of only 5mm or so, the use of ABS flocking environmentally friendly materials, the surface of the electrostatic flocking technology, waterproof and sunscreen.

The surface of the hanger is a layer of thickened flocking, delicate feel, not easy to peel off the velvet, will not scratch the clothes. Resistant to bending and folding, flexible, good toughness, not easy to break. Light weight, easy to organize and carry.

Hanger hooks allow you to stack and hang several hangers together, instantly saving several times the space!

The grooves on the hangers are thoughtfully designed to hang garments such as halter-type skirts, underwear, and tank tops without worrying about slipping.

Choosing the right hanger takes the guesswork out of organizing~

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