Quality speaks. We pay most of our attention on detail for good quality.

Quality speaks. We pay most of our attention on detail for good quality.

A high-quality product needs to go through several steps of quality control, and every step of the process must achieve the ultimate standard and perfection in order to stand the test of time. Dadi household products will carry out strict quality inspection in the whole product production process from wood procurement to embryo making, polishing, painting, assembly, packaging and delivery.

I Pre-production Meeting

We will carry out pre-production meetings according to the needs of each order, implement the requirements and precautions in the order to ensure every employee understand the requirement, and strictly implement the requirement into the production.


Pre-production meeting, discussion upon precaution on production.


II Employee Training

For employees who do not have a thorough understanding of order requirements and precautions, we will conduct separate training and explanations.

Staff Training


In-production meeting, discussion upon problem occured during production.


III Inspection in Production

In addition to the control of the production process at each step, in-production inspections have been conducted on semi-finished products, so as to find problems in time and solve them to further improve production efficiency.

In-production inspection


Focus on detail inspection for good quality.


Strict control the humidity of finished products


For more than 20 years, Dadi Household Products has always kept in mind the importance of product quality, always put quality first, and implement it in the hearts of every employee to form a solid quality awareness. Only by doing a good job in the quality of our own products can we stand the test, because we always believe that quality speaks!

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