Choose the Right Display Props, Making the Shop More Attractive.

High-quality clothing hangers are crucial for clothing stores. They can make the store space tidy and better display the style and characteristics of clothing, thereby attracting more consumers.

If you choose a clothes rack that is of poor quality and does not fit the style of the store, the overall grade will be greatly reduced.

Here I would like to share a simple clothes hanger, most suitable for clothing stores~

The combination of metal and wood is suitable for light luxury clothing brands

A variety of woods and colors to choose from, and a variety of styles of clothing can be hung, truly wrinkle-free and deformation-free.For wooden hanger, it has better load-bearing performance.

Anti-slip teeth strip could be installed into the bar to avoiding falling off when hanging suit pants.

In addition to customizing clothing props that are consistent with the store's style, clothing stores also need to control the cost of clothing props.

A suitable clothes hanger can support the shape of clothes, instantly driving consumers' desire to buy, making people eager to buy the clothes on display.

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