Are acrylic hangers the best material for hangers? let's get to know.

Are acrylic hangers the best material for hangers? let's get to know.

Brand clothing stores have a characteristic, whether it is store decoration or accessories selection, they must be very consistent with the overall tone of the brand.

Walking into a store at random, we can see that most of the brand clothing hangers are made of solid wood and acrylic, and plastic is rarely used.

This is because the hangers made of solid wood and acrylic are more premium-looking and refined, which can enhance the brand image.

Today let’s learn something about the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic hangers~


Advantages of acrylic hangers - diverse colors

Acrylic can be made in a variety of colors and has a crystal-like transparency. Therefore, clothing stores can choose acrylic hangers of different colors according to their own image.

Advantages - eco-friendly

Acrylic material is non-toxic, harmless and has no pungent smell. For items worn on the body such as clothing, the safety requirements will be very high, and acrylic is a good choice.

Advantages - high temperature resistance

Acrylic clothes hangers have good heat resistance, will not deform even at high temperatures, and can withstand high temperatures of about 100°C. Compared with other materials, acrylic hangers are more heat-resistant and will not deform due to excessive temperature.

Disadvantages - Expensive

The material and process costs of acrylic are relatively high. Therefore, the price of acrylic hangers is higher than that of ordinary solid wood hangers and plastic hangers.

Disadvantages - easy to get scratches

The surface of acrylic hangers is bright and crystal-like, so it is easy to scratch or leave fingerprints on. Fingerprints can be wiped off gently with a cloth, but scratches are irreversible. So when using acrylic hangers, close attention is requested to reduce the cause of scratches.

In fact, each hanger material has its own advantages and disadvantages. As long as it fits the brand theme and brand image, it is perfect. We should focus on the quality of the hanger. The most important thing is to choose an experienced and professional factory.

Author: Dadi Household Products

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